XPath uses path expressions to select the nodes, elements and attributes in XML payload. You can read about XPath in w3schools.com https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xpath_intro.asp

In this article let’s see how and where we can use XPath in our integrations.

  1. Create an App Drive Integration with name “Correlated Payload”. Expose REST adapter as Trigger in integration with verb as POST.
  2. Below is the request and response payload used.

Request Payload:


Concept of Pass by Value and Pass by Reference is present in every programming language, but we don’t realize it often.

Let’s go straight into explanation.

var a = 5
var b = ["Mumbai","Bangalore"];

In above example variable “a” contains the literal value i.e. 5 whereas in variable “b” address of the location/memory where array is present is saved. This array contains 2 strings Mumbai and Bangalore.

So far so good, but what is its significance?

Open console of browser i.e. Right on browser and click on Inspect and go to Console tab in Google Chrome or Firefox and copy…

Angular material provides a component Mat-Tree that helps to create Tree structure in Angular. In this post we will understand how do we create dynamic tree using Mat Tree component

First we will create basic tree as mentioned in the Angular Material Tree Docs. Later we will modify the code snippet to make the tree dynamic.

Below mentioned is the link of the Angular material document that explains about Mat Tree.

Lets create a basic mat tree first and then make it dynamic

Steps to create Basic Tree

Step 1: Create Angular Application.

After creating the application replace the content…

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